Kinsmen Glory Farms - Est. 2020

Welcome to Kinsmen Glory Farms

We are a first-generation market garden providing high-quality and unique produce to the Saskatoon, Martensville, and Warman areas. We also offer farm fresh eggs and poultry products.


Register for our CSA this year and enjoy 15-weeks of fresh veggies! Choose from add ons including eggs and chicken. Who’s your family farmer?


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Farm Store

Shop our fresh products as they’re available. Choose between pickup or delivery and add fresh food to your table without having to travel to the farmer’s market.

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Strawberries hanging from a planter

Shop Plants

Enjoy our edible hanging baskets, herb bowls, and container plants on your balcony or deck. Also, take advantage of our extra transplants for your own garden.

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Kilo in the tomato plants

The ducks are very happy it’s warm out today! Our hens really slowed down laying with the cold weather but everyone is happy to get outside today. Fun note…they’ve started laying eggs as they’re about 6 months old now. Fingers crossed they keep this up and we can hatch out our own ducklings this year 🐣🦆

flowering tomatoes

WINNERS HAVE BEEN CONTACTED BY US DIRECTLY. GIVEAWAY! Christmas is just about here 🌲 We are so grateful for all of the support, feedback, and guidance that we’ve received from our community this year. Unfortunately, the holidays can be challenging for some families…

Tomatoes in soil

As the winter cold sets in our hens have started to produce some beautiful colours 🥚 While winter normally means a break from market gardening, we love our regulars too much to stop. All winter we’ll have microgreens and eggs and we still have some chicken available! Find us every Saturday @stoonfarmersmkt or get in touch with us online. Some new things will be coming in 2022 so stay tuned!

plant in the soil

Somehow, our winter crops are hanging in there, although the growth is slow it’s there. Find some @stoonfarmersmkt this Saturday!


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